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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

On Page SEO Check List 2016

On Page SEO Check List
 1. Keyword Research

v  Keyword research by keyword planner or other tools
v  Expand keyword list
v  Browse related search
v  Competitor analysis
v  Choose a Long Tail Keyword
v  Choose target keyword

2.  Create a Website

v  Buy your desire domain
v  Design and set a logo
v  Create a responsive website
v  Make Sure You Have All Mandatory Pages like about us, contact page
v  Write a Meta description
v  Remove Default WordPress Content
v  Fill in “Site Title” and “Tagline.”
v  Add Favicon

3.  On Page Optimization (setup Tools and plugin)

v  Install a website Security Plugin
v  Add Google analytics
v  Add Google webmaster tools
v  Create Sitemap
v  Robots.txt Check
v  wordpress SEO plugin setup
v  Check Page load speed
v  Social sharing buttons setup

4.  Article Writing Checklist

v  Create an Attractive Heading
v  Wrap your title in an H1 tag
v  SEO friendly permalink
v  Give Image alt
v  Start title with keyword
v  Drop keyword in first 100 words
v  Dazzle with multimedia
v  Use inbound link
v  Use outbound links
v  Add modifiers word to your title (2000,best,guide,review)
v  Focus Content length
v  Disavow
v  Use Anchor text
v  Slash bounce rate
v  Use LSI keyword

Check every task of this list, and your website launch will go more smoothly.

Anything to add on this article? Share below in comment. 


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    1. Thanks , But this is not right way to make Backlink!!!

    2. hmmm...atiq vai, you are right....our lifecaree is going to eat a penalty by this very very poor backlinking....vai, you should remove it now right on the spot !!!!!!!!

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